About Package Research Laboratory

ISPM 15 Stamp PRL is the largest ISPM 15 / IPPC inspecting agency in the United States.

We conduct heat treatment and fumigation inspections of wood processing companies under ALSC and WPM regulations.

Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you with your questions of local, national and international package phytosanitary regulations. On this site you will find answers to many of your ISPM 15 issues, but feel free to contact us if you require further information.

If you need to be ISPM 15 certified call us at (973) 627-4405, email us at info@package-testing.com or use our contact form.


Exclusive to PRL customers, the Wood Tracker and Customer Center is a FREE online service that makes WPM compliance simpler.

Free Bark Measurement Card

Get your free wallet size card to help measure bark and make sure you are in compliance with the WPM.


Site Overview

  • ISPM 15 UPDATES: the latest world wide information on ISPM 15 including list of all countries which have adopted ISPM 15
  • ISPM 15 HELP VIDEOS: videos to help understand and implement the ISPM 15 process.
  • INSPECTION BASICS: frequently asked questions and answers about ISPM 15 and the inspection process.
  • CONTRACTS AND FORMS: standard inspection forms, contracts and ALSC documentation.
  • CONTACT: get your free information and quote on your ISPM 15 inspection needs.